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Web Presence Builder is a state-of-the-art sitebuilder tool. You can change colors, pages, pictures and text by easy point-and-click. All tools and modules in the Web Builder Toolbar. Web hosting is self-service, so take time to learn what the tools do and follow the instructions.  Or click on "Help" for more advanced needs. 

Please read our Getting Started Guide here It makes it VERY easy to get started. 

Important Tips: 

  • Don't change the template/theme until you've learned your way around!   If you immediately change the template theme from the default one you're making things more difficult for yourself.  Make changes slowly. Save often. 
  • Did you already mess up the template before seeing these instructions? Just start over! Click on MORE>START OVER for a fresh start!
  • Important: Save your work often!  Use the down arrow next to the SAVE button to save "snapshot" versions of your site. Then if you make a mistake, you can revert back to an earlier version. 
  • Want to change the big banner image on top of your site? Click on the big banner image and then choose our library to see hundreds of other choices.
  • Want to change the colors? Click on "DESIGN - SCHEME" to change all the colors of your site with one click of your mouse.
  • Want to change text?  Just click on the text and start typing!  

Are you a Credit Repair Cloud User? 

  • Credit Repair Cloud Users must replace the Default Contact Form with the Web Lead Form in your Credit Repair Cloud. In your Credit Repair Cloud, see MY COMPANY>WEBSITE TOOLS for info and a video.
  • Want to take credit cards?
    • Step 1: Get a merchant account for Credit Repair at
    • Add Chargebee to your Credit Repair Cloud and Create ChargeBee Payment Plans (in MY COMPANY>CHARGEBEE)
    • Add Chargebee Payment Plans to your Web Lead Form so your site can take credit cards!  (IN MY COMPANY=>WEB SITE TOOLS).  
    • Add the new Web Lead Form to your web site Contact Page (with the Script Module) 
    • The Web Lead Form from your Credit Repair Cloud is protected by our 256 bit SSL Bank Level Encryption. 
    • Need help? If you're a Credit Repair Cloud user: schedule a free call at

Additional options:

  • Don't want the videos? Just click next to the video and "Remove" the module!  Want to place your own Youtube embedded videos? Go for it!
  • Never copy text from another company's site.  They will find out and your site will be removed immediately.
  • Add new items with "Modules." When you drag a module to a page, you can choose for it to appear on one page or on all pages site-wide.
  • Need to Start Over?  Click on MORE>START OVER. You'll have a nice clean template all over again. 
  • Ready to PUBLISH your site? Click PUBLISH and your site will be live!
  • Not seeing changes you just made to your published site? Relax, that's normal. In the browser window when you're looking at your live site client CONTROL and F5 to force your web browser to refresh the page.  On mac click COMMAND and R.  
  • Did you register your domain name with another company (i.e.; GoDaddy, etc.), your site will not appear until you update your nameservers to and Login to your account at that company to update those records (or call them) to "update your nameserver records." Do not "FORWARD" the domain. Allow up to 24 hours for the change to "propegate" and appear appear online.
  • Is your email at another company? Read our user guide at
  • Want to get listed in Google? It's free and easy.  Read here to learn how! 

Want to remove this page?  Click on "PAGES" and mark this page as "HIDDEN."  Then clich PUBLISH to make your site live.