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To delete these extra instructions, click here to select this module,
then click the Red X that says "Remove". 


If you're a Credit Repair Cloud user, you must DELETE the old default Contact Form below 
and REPLACE it with the "WEB LEAD FORM" from your Credit Repair Cloud. 

This will integrate your site with your Credit Repair Cloud so your site can capture leads! They can sign up from your site and appear
in your credit repair cloud (with notifications sent to you and your team). Clients can also signup with credit card if you activate Chargebee.

Instructions/videos are here:

If you're a Credit Repair Cloud user and need assistance with this, schedule a call:


Steps for this integration:

  1. Delete the Default Contact Form module below.
  2. Replace it with the Web Lead Form script from your Credit Repair Cloud. This is done by dragging the "Script" module from the web builder toolbar and dragging it to this page where you'd like it to appear. As you drop it to the page, you will have a choice of "Content" or "Design".  Choose "Content" so it will only appear on this page. 
  3. Paste the Web Lead Form Script into the script module. 
  4. Ready to PUBLISH your site? Click PUBLISH and your site will be live!
  5. Not seeing changes you just made to your published site? Relax, that's normal. In the browser window when you're looking at your live site client CONTROL and F5 to force your web browser to refresh the page.  On mac click COMMAND and R.  

Want to take credit cards on your site? 

  1. First, get a merchant account for Credit Repair at
  2. Next, add Chargebee to your Credit Repair Cloud and Create ChargeBee Payment Plans (in MY COMPANY>CHARGEBEE)
  3. Add Chargebee Payment Plans to your Web Lead Form so your site can take credit cards!  (IN MY COMPANY=>WEB SITE TOOLS).  
  4. Add the new Web Lead Form to your web site Contact Page (with the Script Module) 
  5. The Web Lead Form from your Credit Repair Cloud is protected by our 256 bit SSL Bank Level Encryption 

For full information about how and why to use these tools for your Credit Repair Cloud, log into your Credit Repair Cloud and visit MY COMPANY>CHARGEBEE and MY COMPANY>WEB SITE TOOLS for full instructions and videos.  Or click here

***Don't forget to replace this old default form below with the new Web Lead Form
from your Credit Repair Cloud! Instructions are at the top of this page!***

 Need help? If you're a Credit Repair Cloud user: schedule a free call at

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